Soda Dungeon 2 Beta

•Signups are officially closed!
•Expect a couple weeks to receive access, starting with Android
•We are looking to reach between 1000 and 1500 testers

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The Soda Dungeon 2 Beta is an important part of our development process. This is our chance to get feedback on how the game is coming along. We'll find some bugs too, but we're more interested in hearing how YOU feel about the game so far. If you're ok with an incomplete experience, we'd love to get some feedback. If you'd rather wait for launch in all its fizzy glory, that's fine too!

While we can't promise we'll respond to each message, we will read EVERY single thing you send our way. We'll be in touch later to see what you think!

Frequently Asked Questions

•Are signups first-come, first-serve?
Not really. The earlier the better, but we need to ensure an even mix of players that meet certain criteria.

•I was an alpha tester- do I get to sign up early again?
Not this time, unfortunately.

•I was an alpha tester- will I still have my old save file?
Nope, this will be another clean reset.

•Why do Steam and iOS users have to wait longer?
We'd like some time between launches to fix any emergencies.

•How long will the beta be open?
At least a month, but we are unsure beyond that.

•Do I have to pay anything?
Not unless you want to purchase an optional upgrade. Soda Dungeon 2 follows the same basic F2P model as Soda Dungeon 1.

•How much of the game is playable?
Almost half of the main story.

•Will I keep my save file after beta?
That's the plan but due to the unpredictable nature of beta testing, we cannot promise it. The game currently performs automated cloud backups for your platform of choice.

•What if I make a purchase with real money but lose my save file?
We keep track of money spent and will reimburse you with a premium currency that can be used to re-purchase the same (or equivalent) unlockables.

•Will the game receive updates during the Beta?
Probably, but they will focus on bug fixing and quality of life changes, not new content.

•Can I transfer my save between platforms?
Not yet, this will be added as a future update.

•The game feels unbalanced.
That's to be expected! Most of our testing so far has focused on game stability. SD2 has more gameplay variables than SD1, which makes balancing more difficult this time. Your feedback will help us shape the game into its best form.

•I found a bug!
Also to be expected. We'll include links inside the game where you can report bugs and give feedback.

•This one thing looks or sounds weird.
Some UI elements in particular may be very rough as we work toward finalizing them. If something is missing an obvious graphic/sound we are probably aware, but feel free to let us know via the in-game feedback links just to be safe!

Lastly, thank you all for your patience while our small team has chipped away at this project. Stay tuned, we have some new stuff to show you when we hit full release ;)