Soda Dungeon
Soda Dungeon 2 now in development!
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It is the booming age of courageous adventurers and dungeons bursting with riches!

Stock your tavern with tempting sodas and enlist the help of the local talent!

Dungeon Mist. Attracts patrons of good-standing from across the land.
Grappling Grape. Stock this soda and brawlers will be busting down your door.
Cherry Charm. The preferred drink of mages and conjurers.
Loot Beer. Careful- it might disappear from right underneath your nose.
And many others!

There's only one way to the top

Raid The Dungeon!

Over 100 baddies spread across 5 unique environments.

Earn Loot!

Gold, legendary items, and more await you.

Upgrade Your Tavern!

Attract new patrons to your establishment and enlist their services.

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